A Production of Missionary Ventures


The Dramatic Fanatics

Acted by Paul Bendele

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About The Play "Rabbi From Tarsus"

The "Rabbi from Tarsus" was written by Dr. Philip Goble and is published by Tyndale House. Dr. Goble worked on the research for the play for eight years in his doctoral studies at Fuller Seminary in California. He also holds an MA in Theatre Arts.

Set in the Mammertine Dungeon in Rome, the play has such dramatic values as humor, language, culture, harp music, and character. Yes, character it has as it delves deeply into the thoughts and feelings of perhaps the greatest rabbi and missionary of all time, the Apostle Paul.

The play has a deep message for Jews and Christians as it explores in depth just what it means to be a Jew. As Paul says in the drama, "Who is a bigger liar than the man who says one cannot be a Jew if he believes in the Messiah?"

The producer, director and actor is Paul Bendele, director of The Dramatic Fanatics. Paul and his wife Cheryl served 15 years with Wycliffe Bible Translators in both Guatemala and Australia. Beginning in 1998, they joined Missionary Ventures and Paul began to present "The Rabbi from Tarsus" throughout the nation of Australia. In 2004 they began MV Argentina and have served several two year terms there.  They are presently in charge of Prayer/Recruitment at Missionary Ventures International in Orlando, Florida.

Mark Warren, director of David House Fellowship in Australia said, "The play, to me, was a powerful and gripping testimony of the Lord's grace and mercy. I highly recommend it, for either Believer or non-Believer. The presentation is dynamic, as well as being creative and down-to-earth."

Paul Longfield, Australian director of Christian Friends of Israel said, "The play is a great tool for the church to have an insight into the Hebraic roots of their Christian faith."

"The Rabbi from Tarsus" is available as a full-length drama with a 20 minute intermission or you can choose the one-hour version. The play is recommended for all ages, but children must be under parental supervision.